Wait- What’s a Budget? 10 budgeting tips for going abroad!

Budgeting for study abroad does not have to be a daunting task! Below are some tips on how to make (and stick to) a budget while you are abroad. Following a budget and tracking your spending can help you maximize your time, and money, while abroad! Cost of living calculator- Sometimes it is hard to... Continue Reading →


A semester in review- Mexico!

This semester was an awfully busy one. I ended up taking five classes: Analysis and Design of Algorithms Understaning World Cultures Probability and Statistics for Engineering Numerical Methods for Engineers Interactive Design For me, this was a very full load and I did my best to keep up despite the different instruction methods at Tecnológico... Continue Reading →

Souvenirs from Abroad

By Carlie Pearson You walk from the airplane and onto the landing, feeling both exhausted from the trip, and exhilarated for the next few hours of discovering your new home country. Once you get your luggage and move towards the exit, the first thing you are likely to see are flags, maps, books, t-shirts, hats, and... Continue Reading →

Country of the Month: Turkey

By: Lucas McCamon Turkey has a long history and culture grounded in a multi-ethnic society with heritages across continents. The diversity of the country expands beyond its population, and is exemplified in a variety of attractions to tourists and students alike. In fact, the country is the sixth most popular tourist destination in the world,... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Bilingualism

By Cole Campbell "The world is huge”; “I do not understand other cultures”; “they are so much different than we are”. These statements are all too often a reality for many monolingual speakers because they become too comfortable living and conversing in their native language and culture. One of the best ways to come to... Continue Reading →

From Scotland to Stillwater

By Carlie Pearson Students coming from other countries face lots of challenges, but for Rachel Stewart, on exchange from Heriot Watt University in Scotland, “it’s definitely one of the best experiences of my life, which is cliché, but I don’t know how else to explain.” When Stewart and her best friend, Lauren McNally, on exchange... Continue Reading →

OSU Study Abroad/NSE Welcomes Marissa Hernandez

OSU Study Abroad is proud to introduce Marissa Hernandez as the new Study Abroad Coordinator. She holds a Master of Science in International Studies from OSU and a B.A. in Law from Monterrey Tec (ITESM), where she was fortunate to participate in various study abroad programs that helped reinforce her love for travel and international... Continue Reading →


By: Cole Campbell Where can you trek through the impressive Andes Mountains, experience thriving ancient cultures, canoe on the piranha-infested Amazon river, sand board down America’s highest sand dunes and surf on the beach with the biggest recorded wave in South America? Peru has every type of environmental ecosystem imaginable, making it a prime destination... Continue Reading →

Country of the Month: Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a lush and beautiful land with extravagant scenery and rich culture. The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish. The capital city is San José, with a population of about 300,000 people, located in the geographic center of the country. Costa Rica has a tropical climate throughout the whole year, and would offer... Continue Reading →

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