Returned Participants: Steffi’s Semester in Austria

So you want to go abroad, but you¬†have no idea what it will be like. You're either getting ready to leave or you're considering a program. Those of us who have been abroad know what it's like to have so many conflicting emotions- nervousness, excitement, anxiousness, eagerness- before departing for a study abroad program. Steffi... Continue Reading →


OSU Short-Term Courses: An Introduction

Did you know that you can study¬†abroad as early as your freshman year? Did you know that you can study abroad during Winter Intercession, Spring Break, or Summer with OSU Departments? Courses include domestic or foreign travel with stays of 1-6 weeks. Some programs may include on-campus class work with pre- or post- travel assignments.... Continue Reading →

Top Study Abroad Myths

Don't let these myths prevent you from studying abroad. I can't afford it- I rely on financial aid and scholarships. Many programs enable you to pay OSU tuition and fees to participate. You can use your federal financial aid for most credit-bearing study abroad programs. Scholarships often apply. I don't speak another language well enough.... Continue Reading →

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