OSU Short-Term Courses: An Introduction

Did you know that you can study abroad as early as your freshman year?
Did you know that you can study abroad during Winter Intercession, Spring Break, or Summer with OSU Departments?

Courses include domestic or foreign travel with stays of 1-6 weeks. Some programs may include on-campus class work with pre- or post- travel assignments. All courses are taught by OSU faculty or approved instructors and can be directly applied to the university’s degree programs

There are several reasons for choosing to study abroad through an OSU short-term program. For example:

  • Earn OSU credit out of the country! Some courses fulfill the General Education International Dimension (I) Designation.
  • Take courses that are site-related or that are not offered at OSU. “Landscape Painting in Tuscany,” anyone? Yes, you could take that!
  • Be taught by OSU faculty
  • Take classes with other OSU students
  • For students that don’t want to study through longer programs, these courses are a great way to experience another country and culture.
  • Take courses that seem interesting even if they don’t pertain to your major. Most courses are open to all majors.
  • Foreign language skills are not required.

Going on a short-term course may incite in you an interest in longer programs or further travels. For more information about short-term OSU programs, visit the “OSU Short-Term Travel Courses” page on this website or ask your department.



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