Study Abroad Fair

Did you make it to the Study Abroad Fair this semester? If you did, then you probably got a great amount of information on different study abroad options. The Study Abroad Fair was held this semester, at the end of September, in the Noble Research Center atrium. We filled the atrium up with tables and booths from OSU colleges offering faculty-led trips, affiliated/approved (3rd-party) provider programs, and more.

Oftentimes, students come into our office and only see our bookshelves with most of our Reciprocal Exchange programs displayed. They think that is all they can do. The Study Abroad Fair is a great opportunity to dispel that notion, because it is a setting that focuses more on the options that aren’t prominently displayed in our office. And they are endless, just as there was an endless stream of students in and out of the fair. 3rd-party providers had representatives on hand to answer questions about all of their own programs, and same for OSU colleges.

Many of our own exchange students that are at OSU, visiting from our international partner universities, helped out with the event. In the back of the fair we had a large area for all of our Reciprocal Exchanges, and many of the exchange students represented their own university and answered questions that they were knowledgeable about. We also had our Photo Contest on exhibit, and visitors voted for the People’s Choice award, that went to Wil Stokes this year for his photo titled “Interlaken.”


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