OSU Euro-Abroaders MAPPED

Check out this handy-dandy map, created by OSU student Zach Cole (Brno, Czech Republic) that shows where OSU students are studying at this semester. This is a great way to promote interaction amongst our peers while abroad, and if you haven’t added yourself onto the map yet, you might consider it!


Globetrotter Winter 2011-12


Our office is extremely proud to roll out the inaugural issue of Globetrotter, which will be the new study abroad newsletter at OSU. A few paper copies were distributed to waiting rooms around campus and we will have a few print copies available in the office, but we would encourage anyone who would like to peruse it to check out the online version so as to conserve paper and so on. Enjoy!

P.S. Feel free to let us know if you have any story ideas, or would like to write a guest post about your study abroad experience or anything of the like!


Nick Emenhiser