China Summer Program

Fudan University International Summer Session 

Shanghai, China

We took the extraordinary opportunity to study at the prestigious Fudan University during the Summer of 2012. This University is one of the oldest and most selective universities in all of China. Our experience was sponsored by both Fudan and Oklahoma State University. This summer study abroad program was encouraged and only possible because of our two great academic institutions working together through major cultural differences and geographic difficulties. We found that both the Professors and Students of Fudan University to be very friendly and so helpful through any cultural shock we encountered. They created an environment where not only the four of us, but all students in the program had no problems with adjusting to the Chinese cultural. Finding that we actually began to embrace and enjoy the differences due to their hospitality. Although our levels of Mandarin varied from beginner to advance, we had little problems with any language barriers. We stayed in Fudan’s international dorms. These dorms were very safe and comforting; being guarded 24 hours of the day we had no reason for any concerns. Fudan provided us with a comfortable campus and base for exploration of Shanghai. There are so many things to do in Shanghai! With a population of 13 million people, it is one of China’s largest cities, and should be known as an international power house. The very scenic Bund of Shanghai creates a skyline that will be embedded in our minds for the rest of our lives. This special city has everything to offer. From historical landmarks of China to a young and cultural night life. While in Shanghai, we did everything from eat dinner at the top of Oriental Pearl Tower to karaoke at the local KTV. The friends and memories we made on this remarkable experience cannot be expressed in words that would give it justice. The experience we had was irreplaceable, and we are so thankful for the opportunity. Together we can all say that we’d hope every person has an opportunity to do and feel what we had over the summer, due to the fact that was an experience of a life-time!!

Written by Monica Clark, Kyle Buthod, Erika Lin, and Cole Mankin.


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