Setting the Record Straight

After studying and living in Mexico for a year, Erin shares what she learned about what Mexican food really is... For those of you who love a good basket of chips and queso alongside a chimichanga or a flour tortilla soft taco, it is time to set the record straight that this is considered regional... Continue Reading →


Thanksgiving in England

Last year, I studied abroad at the University of Leicester in Leicester, England.  One of the most difficult things about being abroad is missing out on holidays with your family.  There’s no way around it, while you’re abroad, you’ll miss your family and you’ll miss certain American traditions.  BUT there’s no use in living abroad... Continue Reading →

Succeeding with a Language Barrier

Studying abroad can seem like an intimidating experience: new foods, new cultures, new standards of living, and new languages. The OSU Study Abroad office provides a substantial array of programs and universities spread across the globe that allow students to immerse themselves anywhere from Dijon, France to Bangkok, Thailand, and every place in between. Many students... Continue Reading →

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