Study Abroad Professional Development

By Jessica Agnew- Career Consultant via Study Abroad February Newsletter

An international experience, whether short or long-term, can be extremely valuable in your future career.  Your experiences are unique and can set you apart from other job seekers.  In your job search, whether that is part-time, full-time, or an internship, it is up to you to showcase your acquired skills through your resume, cover letter, and interviewing abilities.  Here are just a few examples of how to sell your international skills.

  • Cultural sensitivity. This is really the understanding and awareness of other cultures. The workplace is full of diverse groups.  Use your experiences abroad to show your employer that you can respect and work well with diverse populations.
  • Comfort zone. Traveling and studying in a different country forces you outside of your comfort zone.  Compare this to the work environment, especially when you are first starting your career. Things might be uncomfortable, new, and even confusing at first.  Communicate with your employer that you are able to cope with change and willing to learn new things in order to be successful.
  • Adaptability to other environments. Adaptability is one of the top skills most employers are looking for in a new employee.  Being adaptable and flexible to new ideas, projects, tasks, etc. in the workplace will really make your skillset stand out.  Adaptable people act with positivity and poise, making them productive and calm in difficult situations.
  • Cross-cultural and global thinking skills. An international experience can truly give you a global perspective.  This can include having an open mind, understanding your own identity, while respecting other perspectives at the same time, and knowing the importance of building peaceful relationships in the workplace, just to name a few.

For more comprehensive ideas on international skills, gaining experience, and job search strategies, OSU students can visit a Career Consultant at any time. Appointments can be made online at, or by stopping by 360 Student Union.


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