Blogging your Travels

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By: Lucas McCamon

Inspiration for travel comes from all kinds of  places – a compelling book, a vibrant piece of art, an especially captivating dish – but the internet has made hearing the stories of travel abroad quicker and easier than ever before. There are all kinds of resources that showcase study abroad, specific locations, or a unique perspective on traveling abroad online. This access to blogs, vlogs, and articles makes any exchange student just a reflection and some pictures away from being a bona fide travel writer. Here are a couple of our favorite blogs and sites to inspire, reflect upon, or enhance a travel or study abroad       experience, and who knows, maybe you will start a blog featuring your adventure!

  • is a hub for all kinds of information regarding study abroad. One thing that stood out in particular about this site is the    variety in its posts, ranging from infographics to articles written by students on exchange. The College Tourist is a great place to start to get some          inspiration for your own trip abroad!
  • offers all kinds of information related to the        industry of study abroad. This includes student perspectives, highlights from a particular country or program, and even some tips for those who might be unfamiliar with international travel.
  • essentially is a platform through which student bloggers from cea programs across the globe can post stories and excerpts from their host locations. Many of our other affiliated partners, such as Sol Education, API, ISA, and more host student bloggers, and they offer a great peek into what it’s like to study with that program specifically, or simply in that location.
  • might not be quite a conventional blog, but the site is       centered on student travel, especially some of the more traditional places to visit, such as Western Europe, and its clean look and straightforward          information forecast smooth sailing for your next trip abroad. This site offers information helping with visiting cultural sites, seeing natural sights, and booking international flights. The name says it all – the time is now to step outside your comfort zone!

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