Blogging your Travels

By: Lucas McCamon Inspiration for travel comes from all kinds of  places – a compelling book, a vibrant piece of art, an especially captivating dish – but the internet has made hearing the stories of travel abroad quicker and easier than ever before. There are all kinds of resources that showcase study abroad, specific locations,... Continue Reading →


A Trek into the Unknown

By: Matt Gallagher “Dober dan” from Ljubljana, Slovenia! My name is Matt Gallagher, and I am studying economics at the University of Ljubljana (loo-blee-ah-nah), with my good friend and fellow Oklahoma State student, Trey Gilbertson. We are about to celebrate six weeks in Slovenia, and we have enjoyed every second of it. Like many others,... Continue Reading →

Country of the Month: South Africa

By: Carlie Pearson South Africa has a rich history and culture based on its multiethnic society.  But the diversity of the country expands beyond its population, and is exemplified in the variety of attractions to tourists and students alike. For those interested in wildlife, South Africa is an exemplary location to study African ecosystems, especially... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons to Study Abroad Long- Term

By: Adrienne Allan, Study Abroad Peer Advisor Independence Students who study abroad gain the ability to use the skills their parents and professors have instilled in them throughout the years and apply them in real-life situations while growing their independence. International Friendship While studying abroad, students make friends from all over the world. Whether it... Continue Reading →

Study Abroad Professional Development

By Jessica Agnew- Career Consultant via Study Abroad February Newsletter An international experience, whether short or long-term, can be extremely valuable in your future career.  Your experiences are unique and can set you apart from other job seekers.  In your job search, whether that is part-time, full-time, or an internship, it is up to you... Continue Reading →

An Aussie in America

By Cole Campbell Damon Smith, a senior Human Resource Management student, has made the long journey from the “Land Down Under” to Stillwater, Okla. in search for his first cultural experience in the United States. Smith is an exchange student from the University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia, one of the 90 reciprocal exchange... Continue Reading →

Advice from Dijon

Many students try to picture what a semester abroad would be like. From international friendships to housing options, we took the chance to ask currently studying abroad students about their experience so far, and advice they have for students considering a study abroad experience for themselves. Meet Sam Koontz, a Strategic Communications Junior from Oklahoma... Continue Reading →

Nadir in Iceland!

Name: Nadir Nibras          Major: Mechanical Engineering with Biomedical option Minor: Gender Studies (not official yet. I just started taking classes in Iceland and plan to continue with the minor at OSU) Location: Reykjavik, Iceland Program: Reciprocal Exchange Program Why did you choose to study in Iceland? I wanted to go to a country that was... Continue Reading →

The Return Journey

Two of the Study Abroad Office Peer Advisors decided to spend their holiday break in the countries where they studied last year. We were curious, what is it like to return? Part II: Emma in the UK Working in the OSU Study Abroad Office, I often get the question, “how long should I go abroad... Continue Reading →

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